Groton Ukulele Members Entertain the Crowd

The Planting of One of the Copper, or European, Beech Trees

Planting of a Copper, or European, Beech Tree







Saturday, April 29, 2017:

The Friends of the Tree Warden and the Groton Garden Club celebrated Arbor Day by planting two Copper, or European, Beeches at the Groton Fire Station. Groton Ukulele played four songs as the crowd joined them in song. American Sweetgum saplings were given to attendees.

The Groton Garden Club has co-funded the Arbor Day tree purchases for 30 years. The first Arbor Day tree planted by the Friends of the Tree Warden was a Sycamore, planted in 1983 in front of Prescott School. For 21 years, Groton has had the honor of being a “Tree City USA,” along with 84 other towns in Massachusetts.

The winner of the Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl poster contest was announced, and his poster was displayed.

Suzanne G, president of the Friends of the Tree Warden, said that their group has plans to plant apple trees all over Groton, including in the fire station field, to commemorate the fact that Groton has historically been a town known for its apple trees. She mentioned that we plant trees for many reasons, including as legacies for our children. She echoed Governor Boutwell’s words, from a paper he presented to the Groton Historical Society in 1894. During his long residency in Groton, Governor Boutwell was instrumental in the planting and protection of trees in our town. He said:

I cannot doubt that the beauty of the town has been more improved in these sixty years by the planting and growth of trees than it has been by the erection of new buildings, and the repair and adornment of old ones. It is our hope that with the continuation of planting and caring for trees in Groton we will leave for future generations a town that is even more beautiful than it is today.

Governor Boutwell’s legacy to the Town of Groton has been carried on by the Friends of the Tree Warden and the Groton Garden Club.

A Groton Fire Chief, the Winner of the Smokey Bear Woodsy Owl Poster Contest, and Laura S., with the Winning Poster

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