Arbor Day

The Groton Garden Club shall make a contribution towards the cost of a tree to the Friends of the Tree Warden at their Arbor Day Celebration.

Conservation Areas and Invasives

The Groton Garden Club shall promote preservation of the natural biodiversity of our region and encourage environmental stewardship. If the Groton Garden Club agrees to make plantings or create a landscape design for designated conservation areas, members shall plant or recommend only native species. The club shall similarly use or recommend only native species for plantings on public or private land that abuts designated conservation land or sensitive ecological areas. This policy is not intended to restrict plantings on historical properties owned by the town of Groton or other organizations. The Club shall not knowingly sell, distribute, or plant any species deemed invasive by the New England Wildflower Society Invasive Plants Working Group.


When email contains information directly related to official business of a Groton Garden Club committee, the subject line will read GGC Official and will include the committee and subject matter. When email contains general information, which a member would like to share with other members, the subject line will read GGC Tidbits and will also include the subject matter.

Equipment & Other Property

Equipment owned by the club is available for use at the Garden Club functions only. Equipment may not be loaned to other groups or individuals. A list of hospitality equipment and its location shall be maintained by the Hospitality Chair.  A list of program equipment and its location shall be maintained by the Program Chair. The Board shall ensure that a consolidated list of all club property is maintained.


Members may bring prospective members or visitors to any meeting. There is no charge for these visits but those bringing guests should notify the Membership and Hospitality Chairs beforehand.


If there are cancellations, members will be informed by the Telephone and Email Committee.

Privacy and Security

Club emails shall use blind copy or other features to protect the privacy and security of members.
The membership list, or other contact information in the yearbook or on the website, may not be made available to outside interests or used for mass marketing purposes. Business owners or representatives of non-profit organizations who conduct programs may circulate a sign-up sheet for members interested in being on mailing lists.

Record Keeping

Award certificates, books of evidence, photographs, board and membership meeting minutes and defunct committee files are archived by the Historian. The Membership Chair maintains membership lists and records. The Publicity Chair maintains the club press books and submits materials to the Historian for the archives.


The club shall maintain a website,, for the purpose of disseminating information to members and informing the public about club activities. These policies were revised in their entirety in Spring 2017.